There is a calling for people who have discovered true happiness in spite of outer conditions. This is to teach by example the art of mindful living. Not only are we clean and sober, but we can live from a place of deep joy. Pass it on.
Welcome to Clean and Sober Today!
 Join us in the simplistic beauty of putting one foot in front of the other, as we help each other trudge the road to recovery to a  happy destiny one step at a time. We are a charitable nonprofit organization registered with the State of Florida (CH62481). We accept all forms of donations and charitable contributions and support.  Donate TODAY and help us carry the message of a clean and sober lifestyle. (EIN 85-1287452)
We have a Facebook Group and a Facebook Community that is engaged and invested in helping you get sober and stay sober.
Clean and Sober Today helps clients get off drugs and alcohol, help them learn to make better decisions for themselves, become self supporting members of society.  We help each other learn to live a clean and sober lifestyle, to become responsible, productive, and law abiding citizens. We do this by reprogramming your mind, body, and soul spiritually through peer to peer support groups and referral services.  We provide community outreach for complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs while assisting in the social welfare of our clients and promote whole person wellness.  
We bring you a forum where you can speak freely and openly with each other. This is a safe space to discuss our struggles getting and staying clean and sober. All 12 Step recovery members are invited to join our group, including our husbands, wives, and our children, as well as our spiritual advisors and mentors.
Do you have a problem with intoxicants or addiction, or do you know someone who is? Do you want to stop substance abuse and stay stopped? We are here for you! Because it's the right thing. Because it's a God thing. Because it's a we thing. Thank you for your service, and thank you for letting us be of service to you. 

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